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About Us

Kambeton, which was founded by Zeki Baykam in 1979, has experience in the production of structural precast concrete elements for many years. Offering all processes from design to assembly by considering the quality and trust, Kambeton is one of the leading companies in the construction industry.

With its production plants over a total area of 290,000 m² in Adana, Gaziantep, and Diyarbakır, Kambeton produces all kinds of precast concrete elements including reinforced concrete superstructure elements, prestressed bridge girders, hollow-core slab (voided slab), concrete and reinforced concrete infrastructure elements, spun concrete utility poles, various landscaping and protection elements, as well as custom-made productions such as tunnel segments and terraces.

With its more than 500 employees, Kambeton is one of the important companies providing employment in the regions it operates. Kambeton, which appreciates its employees, adopts the principle of employing the workforce for long periods. About 30% of the blue-collar employees and 35% of the white-collar employees have been working for the company for over ten years. While the technical staff constitutes 30% of the blue-collar employees, engineers constitute 40% of the white-collar employees of the company. Together with its other employees experienced in their field and executives, Kambeton has one of the most professional teams in the industry.

Kambeton has been a member of the Turkish Precast Concrete Association since 1995; also it takes an active role in the management of this association. In line with the importance it attaches to quality, Kambeton has been granted the 'TSE K 118 Precast Reinforced Concrete Construction Elements Quality Management System Certificate', 'K-Q TSE-ISO-EN-9000 Quality Management System Certificate', and 'QNET ISO 9001:2008 IQNET Quality Management System Certificate'.

Kambeton, which has the capacity to build mobile production plants all over the country, builds factories by undertaking all processes from laying the foundation to the delivery. Due to the importance it attaches to R&D studies and improving production processes, one of the most important missions of Kambeton is to present different perspectives in accordance with legal requirements and ensure investors make decisions for investments that are both economic and long-lasting.

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